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Almost by definition, innovation relies on project management. Lir Energy Ltd has been and is, successfully involved in a series of projects and irrespective of whether the innovations concern a new building, a new product, or indeed a contribution to pure science, better project management by Lir has seen a successful outcome reached more quickly, having consumed fewer resources.

Lir Energy is involved in researching renewable energy export from Ireland. We are also working on tidal energy projects both of a large and small nature. We have overseen the completion of a number of commercial projects. Innovation is important to the Irish economy. Innovative businesses are more successful, and innovative industries grow faster, export more, are more competitive, more productive, and have a better long-term future. Lir’s team with a dedicated and varied professional background allow us to rapidly evaluate and deal with problems that arise on new projects, effectively and quickly.

Stating the benefits of innovation is one thing - defining innovation itself, or quantifying it, is another. As successive generations of statisticians have found, the measurement of innovation is almost as slippery a concept as the measurement of project management.
Even so, this almost certainly understates the true level of innovation activity, especially with respect to process innovation. The engineering departments and process improvement groups of manufacturing companies routinely make process improvements that go unrecorded as R&D, for example


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Peter Walsh - Managing Director

Marie Louise Heffernan CEnv, MIEEM

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