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Community Energy

A Community Energy project can be a Hydro, Solar or Wind Farm that is either wholly or partly (50%) owned by the local Community. This is a demonstrated success in Denmark and Germany where wind turbines are owned by one or more groups of local residents, rather than by commercial investors, independent power producers or utilities.

This is clearly wind power development on a different scale from what one typically encounters in Ireland. In fact, it is an altogether different type of wind development and ownership model. The share of electricity from renewable energy in Germany has increased from 6.3 percent in 2000 to about 15 percent in 2008. Wind power alone provided 19.7 percent of electricity production in Denmark in 2007.

Based on the trend of reduced availability of large wind sites, Ireland’s target of 40% electricity generation from renewables by 2020 could be significantly helped by projects of this type.

Community wind brings a more diverse group of people, places and wind resources into Energy Generation in Ireland. Individual landowners and local institutions such as schools, towns, counties and consumer owned utilities can bring their own assets to the table, both financial and political.



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