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Tidal Energy

What is marine tidal stream energy?

Tidal stream energy is generated by the relative motion of the Earth, Sun and Moon. These bodies exert gravitational forces on each other which cause water levels to follow periodic highs and lows. These water level changes cause tidal currents. This phenomenon can be used to generate energy. The stronger the tide, either in water level height or tidal current velocities, the more promising it is to harness tidal energy.
Tidal energy technology makes use of the kinetic energy from the moving ocean currents to power turbines, in a similar way that wind turbines use moving air.

Advantages of tidal energy

Why do we need to harness tidal stream energy?

At present 98% of Ireland’s total energy consumption comes from non- renewable sources. We need to move away from being so heavily dependent on unreliable imported energy.  

“Over 90% of Irish energy requirements are imported. Combined with our peripheral location and small market scale, this current reality leaves Ireland vulnerable to supply disruption and imported price volatility. Security of energy supply is a global issue and the European Union’s growing reliance on energy imports increases Ireland’s overall energy vulnerability.”
Irish Government White Paper 2007.

Tidal stream energy offers a sustainable alternative to our dependency on fossil fuels as well as a means of reducing harmful greenhouse emissions and opportunities to reduce our reliance on imported fuels. Due to our commitments to reduce greenhouse gases under Kyoto, and to ensure security of supply, renewable energies are a key to future energy management policy in Ireland. The Irish governments’ White Paper on energy proposes a further target of 33% of electricity consumption to be obtained from renewable sources by 2020.

“The Government is committed to delivering a significant growth in renewable energy as a contribution to fuel diversity in power generation with a 2020 target of 33% of electricity consumption”.
Irish Government White Paper 2007.

It is against this background that Lir Energy is investing in tidal stream energy.

The moon exerts a gravitational pull on the earth causing the ebbing and flowing of the tides. This can be harnessed to produce green energy.


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