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Tidal Energy News

Firth Power Plan Attracts Firms
Source: BBC News 11-Feb-09
Thirty-eight companies and consortia have expressed interest in leasing sites in the Pentland Firth for the development of marine energy projects. >>read more>>

Ocean Trials Prove Solon™ the Most Efficient Tidal Current Turbine Ever Tested
Source: Press Release 29-Sep-08
Commercial launch of 2MW Solon™ turbines expected in summer 2009. >>read more>>

Monday, October 20, 2008
OpenHydro signs water turbine agreement with energy giant EDF
FRENCH ENERGY giant EDF has hired Irish group OpenHydro to build underwater electricity turbines in a deal industry sources say is worth more than €20 million. >>read more>>

Tidal energy produces first waves of elecrtricity
Issued 18th July 2008
The Green Party has welcomed the news that the world’s first commercial-scale tidal power turbine has supplied the electricity grid. The turbine, known as SeaGen, yesterday generated 150 kilowatts of power off the coast of Northern Ireland as part of testing ahead of full commercial operations in the coming weeks. >> read more>>

OpenHydro first to generate electricity to U.K. national grid.
May 28 2008
A 250kW Open-Centre Turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre passes power generation tests.
Dublin, Ireland-based OpenHydro said it’s the first tidal energy company to complete the connection of a tidal turbine to the U.K. national grid and begin generating electricity. >> read more>>

Tidal Stream Testing in Humber Estuary UK
May 9, 2008 by LKBlog, April 7, 2008
Planning permission has been granted by the Energy Secretary for a tidal stream generator to be tested in the Humber estuary, Stallingborough, United Kingdom.When in the water the prototype model is estimated to generate up to 0.15MW and it will be one of the first tidal power machines to supply Great Britain’s national grid. >> read more>>

New Zealand Tidal Turbine Trial Approved
May 9, 2008 by LKBlog
Anthony Doesburg, New Zealand Herald, April 28, 2008
An experimental turbine generating 1MW will be installed in Cook Strait off Island Bay Summer 2008, costing $10 million. A prototype of what is likely to be the first turbine for tapping the tidal energy of New Zealand waters is sailing around Scottish seas bolted to a ship. >> read more>>

11th March 2008
British Firm Announces World's Largest Tidal Power Development
Lunar Energy seals £500m tidal power deal with Korea

Lunar Energy, Britain's leading tidal power company, yesterday announced an agreement with Korean Midland Power Co (KOMIPO), which will create a giant 300-turbine field in the Wando Hoenggan Water Way off the South Korean coast. The plant will provide 300MW of renewable energy to Korean Midland Power Co by December 2015. >> read more>>

Friday, January 11, 2008
Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy News
Looks like the Bay of Fundy, already a magnet for fossil hunters, will soon be more involved in the global quest for fossil-fuel alternatives. The Premier of Nova Scotia just announced that a tidal power demonstration project will proceed (pending a full environmental assessment). To say this will make waves on the international scene is no exaggeration. >> read more>>

Bay of Fundy to get three test turbines
January 9, 2008 - Exclusive
By David Ehrlich, Cleantech Group

North America's first tidal power test site could be up and running as early as next year.
The government of Nova Scotia, Canada, picked three candidates to get a first shot at testing their tidal power generators in the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. >> read more>>

British company to build world’s largest tidal power scheme
By Charles Clover, Environment Editor
Last Updated: 2:01pm GMT 16/03/2008

A British firm has agreed to build a giant tidal power scheme - the world's largest - in South Korea, using underwater turbines that experts say could make the proposed £15 billion Severn Barrage obsolete. >> read more>>

E.ON and tidal stream technology
Monday 29 October 2007 in E.ON, Lunar Energy, Newsletter #4, power generation by Chris Goodall
It is adventurous of E.ON to decide to invest in tidal stream generator farm. The announcement in the last few days confirmed that the company intended to put a tidal plant off the coast of Wales in a partnership with Lunar Energy. >> read more>>

Monday 21/05-2007
Norwegian technology for tidal energy to be further developed in Great Britain 
The Norwegian technology company Hammerfest Strøm AS has today announced it has concluded a collaboration agreement with ScottishPower to further develop their technology for creating electricity from tidal currents >> read more>>

Tidal Energy Industry Boom
November 8th 2006
Small tidal power companies are taking advantage of the rising interest in alternative energies. Large amounts of coastal waters are being reserved on both coasts of North America by small companies who plan to take advantage of ocean energy technologies >> read more>>

DTI Backs £1.7M Humber Tidal Stream Energy Test Project

- Latest Success for South Yorkshire’s LIFE-IC Cluster
The DTI is to announce (10am Wednesday 8 February) that it is to co-fund the development of a new tidal stream energy project designed to harness power from the sea and convert it to electricity. The £1.7million project is being carried out by a consortium on behalf of Hull-based start-up company, Pulse Tidal, part of South Yorkshire’s LIFE cluster of emerging energy technology companies. >> read more>>

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