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Global Warming Solutions

Obviously there is no one magic solution to the problem of global warming. There are instead hundreds of questions that need to be asked and addressed so as to create an overall Earth plan that will develop our planet wisely. The changes we can make, both large and small when combined will curtail global warming for the better.

If the carbon footprint made from producing a hybrid car is ten times larger than that it erases it is news that should be shared. Compact florescent lights are great energy savers but are all of these exactly what they claim to be? And furthermore will light emitting diodes render CFLs obsolete before they are universally adapted.

As always the future holds a newer and possibly better design. We must be willing to look and evaluate clearly and without preconceived ideas. Developments in mass renewable energy production in such areas as solar and wind power are of interest to all.

We must also look back at the  past for successful idea’s. Zenith an Americian company sold tiny windmills in the late 1930s that would charge a car battery that in turn would run a radio for days. Has the technological upgrade been utilized?

We will find solutions to the problem of global warming by asking countless questions about the processes we rely upon to live. We can answer these questions on a personal level by changing the habits, which build each of our carbon footprints and on a global level by insisting that social and governmental structure acknowledge the need for environmental protection.


Global warming, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, has resulted in substantial melting of the polar ice-caps.


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